With decades of experience, VIP specializes in beginning-to-end voluntary strategy, implementation and service of group voluntary benefit offerings and services.

Our mission is to deliver the voluntary benefits solutions that best serve our clients’ needs and goals. We actively collaborate with our broker partners, employer clients, employee clients and professionals to create the BEST possible customer experience. We strive to innovate and use new technologies while maintaining the highest level of service, always keeping in mind that everything we do is about taking care of people.

Successful modern voluntary programs are moving beyond insurance products.


We help clients choose powerful tools and services to achieve specific goals.

  • Reduce health plan utilization

  • Increase benefits participation

  • Promote employee wellness

  • Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses in relation to deductibles and co-payments

  • Reduce Exposure to workers compensation claims

  • Educate and Enroll Employees in their benefits with EASE and SIMPLICITY. 

 With exclusive underwriting offers and enrollment solutions VIP should be your "go-to" agency of choice for your voluntary and ancillary benefit offerings.  

Why work with VIP?
  • Reduce Health Plan Utilization​

  • Simplify your benefits

  • Offer benefits at ZERO cost to your business 

  • Lower Worker's Compensation Exposure

  • Enhance and compliment existing benefits packages

  • Reduce Payroll Taxes

  • Attract and Retain top talent for your business.