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What is a Founder's Circle Member? 

When you choose to work with an agent who is a VIP Founder's Circle Member, you are selecting one of the most outstanding agents in the industry.

Founder's Circle Membership entry is performance based. They excel in client acquisition, client services, and numerous other areas, making them among the top producers nationwide. Here's what this remarkable achievement translates to for you!

1. Expertise and Experience

Founder's Circle members are often recognized for their exceptional knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry. Their extensive experience and track record demonstrate their ability to provide valuable advice and guidance on insurance matters.

2. Access to Exclusive Resources:

Being part of the Founder's Circle means that agents have access to exclusive resources, tools, and support from the insurance carriers they are recommending to you. This can translate into better access to a wider range of insurance products, specialized training, and enhanced customer service.

3. Strong Relationships with Insurance Providers:

Founder's Circle members typically have long-standing relationships with insurance carriers. These relationships can enable them to negotiate better terms, secure competitive rates, and quickly navigate the insurance landscape on behalf of their clients.

4. Personalized Service:

Founder's Circle members often prioritize providing a high level of personalized service to their clients. They understand the importance of building long-term relationships and are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and tailoring insurance solutions accordingly.

5. Industry Recognition:

Membership in the Founder's Circle is a testament to an agent's professionalism, commitment, and success in the insurance industry. It signifies that the agent has achieved a high level of performance and customer satisfaction, which can provide you with added confidence and trust in their abilities.

BEST of the BEST

By working with a Founder's Circle Member, you gain the opportunity to work with the very best in the industry. Embrace this potential long-term relationship and benefit from their exceptional expertise and services.

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