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Our mission is to consistently shift and influence the mindset of employers on "expensive" benefits, connecting, empowering, and educating them to better serve our communities. 76% of the Small business market is underserved and nobody is looking out for them. We are committed to providing exceptional products and solutions, protecting what matters most to our clients - their health, family, home, and business. As a trusted partner and advisor, we bring intrinsic value and care, going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind.


Culturally, we will foster growth, positivity, and fellowship. We will build each other up, and distance ourselves from those that break people down. Through enabling our team with the best carriers, service, best underwriting, and technology, we help families secure their financial futures, one touch at a time. We are dedicated to becoming a shining example of the 20% who drive 80% of impactful market results, channeling our efforts strategically, maximizing effectiveness, and striving to be stronger leaders, creating a legacy of resilience and inspiration within Voluntary Insurance Partners.

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Meet the Board

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VIP's Board of Directors plays a vital role in guiding and overseeing the operations of Voluntary Insurance Partners.  With responsibility for strategic direction, budgeting, guidelines, and policies, the Board sets the organization's course and ensures its well-being for our partners and clients.
 They also provide leadership for professional initiatives and appoint representatives for VIP. The Board establishes important guidelines and policies for various aspects such as appeals, publications, awards and honors. 
This oversight allows the Board to maintain an efficient committee structure.
Aligned with VIP's mission, the Board ensures the upholding of Voluntary Insurance Partner's values and drives its success.
Serving over 10 states and 1400 clients VIP's Partners are ready to serve.

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