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To start and complete a 5Star Life case follow these steps and use the links provided. This simplifies the entire process making it easier for you, your group, and their employees!

5Star Life gives is a $100,000 GI for the employee with a minimum of 5 lives!

Simplified Issue for 2 to 4 lives

ExpressEnroll is set up for Employee Only Coverage.

Select Name 5star



2. IMPORTANT - Case Setup Form

Fill this form out IMMEDIATELY after completing your Master App (not client facing)



Enrolling Employees

5Star Life Insurance is now built in your standard ExpressEnroll link and they will accept a SPREADSHEET ENROLLMENT! 

After your enrollment is complete simply DOWNLOAD the 5Star Census template and complete it to send in.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using your ENROLLMENT DIRECTOR, saving you time and letting you focus on what you do best. 



#4 - Securely upload your completed census to 5Star!

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